Why Start a Camper Van Business?

Recently a friend asked me, “Why did you start N2 Explore?” My answer was that I just wanted to try something new and different, in an industry I knew nothing about. And the camper van business is a chance to help people see the world. New challenges can keep life interesting.

I do occasionally ask myself why at age 63 would I embark on creating a camper van business. I had a very cool and rewarding corporate career. However, I was always travelling and was missing my family and Arizona. Not to mention that my kids started having kids of their own. I didn’t want to miss this, so in 2019 I walked away from corporate America. I just had no idea what I was going to do for work. Long story short, I stumbled on a small logistics business opportunity with Amazon. What I didn’t know was I would be working 7 days a week, 360 days a year. Then in 2020 along came the pandemic and my little business exploded to 150 employees and over 80 delivery vans. This was my big introduction to Ford Transit cargo vans.

N2 Explore Camper Vans - Inside and Out

Now, fast forward to 2022 when I saw a custom camper van. I thought to myself, even I could camp in one of these. Then off we went, building our first R&D model. I decided to exit the delivery business in late 2022 to focus on building camper vans.

Please note, I’m not a camper. I’ve tried it several times but missed the comforts of home. Especially a comfortable bed inside a durable, secure structure. My idea was to build out a rental fleet of high quality, super cool, custom camper vans. I wanted to offer people like me, who enjoy the outdoors, a way to camp in style. Typical tent camping is just not for me, sleeping bags and air mattresses just don’t cut it for a good night’s sleep. The security of sleeping indoors is very appealing to me. Having air circulating, and screens for doors and windows delivering fresh air is also essential for me. The vehicle cannot be intimidating to drive, nothing like a big RV or pulling a trailer down the highway and winding roads. Our vehicle needs to be easy to drive, smooth and comfortable on the road but built durable enough to take you confidently on dirt roads and rugged terrain. Additionally, we want to offer our customers a home away from home experience.

It’s not just about offering exceptionally cool vans, it’s really all about the adventure experience. Going above and beyond to deliver our customers with a memorable, fun adventure. Our vans are built to deliver an elevated “glamping” experience. Our team will outfit your rental based on your specific adventure needs. We will also assist with your adventure planning; we can recommend camping areas, State & National Parks, coastal trips, lakes, unique road trips, historical sites, hiking trails and sightseeing ideas. Additionally, we provide our rental customers with 24/7 guide support. If you have vehicle operational questions, help with finding camping areas, questions on what to do or see, we are here to ensure you have the ultimate adventure experience. At N2 Explore it’s all about providing our customers with the most comfortable, exciting, fun, and memorable adventure experience.

About N2 Explore Camper Vans:

N2 Rental vans are designed to comfortably accommodate 1-2 people. Our vans have a robust power system to provide 3-4 days of power without charging so customers can go remote without worry. We use residential grade materials for ceilings, walls, flooring, lighting, plumbing and electrical. Vans include high quality and very comfortable Tuft & Needle full size beds plus quality linens. LED lighting, plenty of storage, fridge/freezers, two burner cooktops, sink, fresh & gray water tanks, windows, skylights, fans, bug screens and swivel passenger seats. Every van comes with all the accessories you’ll need for cooking, overall comfort, and adventure enjoyment. Our vans feature WeBoost for better calling/texting and we offer an optional StarLink system for connectivity even in the most remote areas. All N2 vans come with camping tables, camp chairs, private shower, and toilet system. We also include an easy to set-up side awning to give customers excellent outdoor space.

Our exteriors are amazing and truly set our camper vans apart. We apply a two-tone full paint protection vinyl wrap to our vans, 360’ external lighting, upgraded front grills, skid plates, 3” lifts, side ladder leading up to a rooftop redwood deck, all-terrain tires, custom wheels, and tinted windows to name just a few. You need to see and experience an N2 Explore camper van to truly appreciate the thought, quality and craftsmanship that goes into every build.

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