At N2 Explore we don’t just build a campervan, we build a dynamic work of art to see and explore in a brand-new way. Our vehicles are built to achieve on-road confidence and off-road stability, purposely built and designed for your overall comfort and enjoyment while exploring the great outdoors.

Elevate your Outdoor Adventure Experience

Immerse yourself in the Southwest’s most beautiful landscapes behind the wheel of an N2 Explore custom rental campervan. Explore the country from coast-to-coast and enjoy the deserts, mountains, and coastal beaches in a fully customized vehicle. N2 Explore vans provide you with unparalleled comfort, performance and are designed and outfitted for ultimate exploring and adventure, both on and off-road.

Built For On-Road Comfort and Off-Road Durability

N2 Explore builds high quality vans and 4WD vehicles designed for ultimate adventure pleasure and enjoyment. All of our work is done in-house with experienced craftsmen, cabinet makers and ASE certified mechanics. We do not cut corners – every vehicle is built with the utmost thought, expertise, ingenuity, with extreme attention to detail. The N2 Explore team is here to support all of your adventure vehicle needs. Creating epic exploration vans, SUV’s and trucks is our passion. Additionally, we enjoy assisting do-it-yourselfers to bring adventure vehicle dreams to reality.

N2 Rentals, Custom Builds, Build Support that Meet Your Budget and Expectations

With N2 rentals, you can try before you build or buy. If you need help and support with your build we have the expertise, facility, and team to assist or handle your full or partial build. You’ll have our full attention no matter your budget. Whether you want a campervan or need to get your truck or SUV off-road and adventure-ready, we can help. We welcome you to our Phoenix facility to meet our team, tour our facilities, see our craftsmanship and get your adventure vehicle goals in action and ready for ultimate exploration.

Explore Endlessly


Our rental fleet of exploration vans gives you the opportunity to enhance your outdoor experience in a fully outfitted, comfortable, rugged, high-quality, unique, and eye-catching adventure vehicle.


N2 Explore specializes in building epic adventure vans and off-road vehicles for adventure experiences, tailored to meet your desired needs and requirements.

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a demo drive, see our work and meet the N2 Explore team.