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Our exploration-centric van & vehicle designs provide you with a self-reliant base camp vehicle that delivers. N2 Explore vehicles allow you to spend more time adventuring on or off the trail without sacrificing your everyday comforts.

We do not simply build campervans or off-road vehicles – instead we create a dynamic, durable work of art to see and explore in a brand-new way. We build to achieve on-road efficiency and off-road stability. Our exploration vehicles are purposely designed for your overall comfort, confidence and enjoyment while exploring the great outdoors.

After years of extensive field-testing operating cargo vans in one of the hottest and harshest climates in the United States– Phoenix, Arizona– we have specifically chosen to create our exploration vans on the 3.7L rear wheel drive Ford Transit. We are confident in both on and off-road capabilities and have extensively tested this vehicle platform well beyond where any transit van should ever go.

Our Exploration vans are intentionally built, not upfitted. Our custom fabricated N2 Off-Road Suspension System and Underbody Protection Plates, as well as aluminum off road racing wheels and tires designed specifically for the trail allows us to maximize ground clearance achieving an adventure-capable 10 inches.

The Ford Transit offers the benefits of lower maintenance costs, parts that are readily available, a smoother car-like driving experience with increased interior heights. Our industry exclusive luxury components are integrated and easily removable to maximize portability and flexibility, designed to deliver the best exploration experience in or out of the van.

At N2 Explore, we are dedicated to producing a globally engaged, environmentally conscious, and sustainable product. Our clean, natural, and self-sufficient solar power system utilizes the latest technological advances to allow you to work from your laptop, stream movies, brew coffee, and run other electrical devices in your van for days without worrying about power. Additionally, N2 vehicles can easily plug into shore power sources to top up while you sit back and relax.

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We welcome you to visit our Phoenix, Arizona facility to meet our team and check out our builds.

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